Craving Good Food? Go to Cravings


I hadn’t posted in so long. But our recent trip to Cravings in Katipunan inspired this one. It was only actually my second time to eat at the restaurant. I tried out their unlimited cake promo (3.75 USD), and suffice to say I’d never had a more terrible experience.


So when we arrived at Cravings today, I was a little apprehensive. You have to give it to them though, the ambiance inside is really nice. The walls are painted white and the interior is stately. The Katips branch is a two-floor establishment, and a grand staircase and chandelier meet you upon entering. Despite that, you get a distinct casual feel. The restaurant is even laid out almost like a house, with disjoint areas that seem more like rooms in an actual one.


Cravings also offers an unlimited soup and salad bar. I made myself Ceasar salad. It was good.ImageI particularly enjoyed the texture the combination of shredded boiled egg and corn added to my salad.


There was 9 of us. For myself, I ordered Tenderloin Tips Skillet (around 7.5 USD, I forget). It turned out to be a sizzling platter of juicy tenderloin with thick pepper strips (which I loved!) and a serving of rice. I started to dig in while the food was still quite hot, and I thought the taste was bland. But then, as the food cooled, I realized that my poor taste buds weren’t just functioning as they should, blocked by the heat. So yeah, you should definitely let the food cool down a little bit first. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste. I sprinkled on some pepper for good measure. By this time, I was starting to get full already because I’d eaten a platter of salad earlier. I just tried to savor my food. I don’t know why but I really love pepper–be they be red or green. They really just go nicely with any salty dish.

As for the rest, one ordered Sunday’s Best Roast Chicken Dinner (9.5 USD) which had us commenting about Thanksgiving. The size of the chicken, wow, was overwhelming, well probably because it consisted of a full [vertical] half! I think my friend enjoyed her meal although she had to get the rest wrapped because she just couldn’t finish it all. The word ‘dinner’ in the name of the dish should have given her ample warning. I thought the dish could’ve been shared by two people without any problem.


Another ordered a serving of Linguine Pesto with Grilled Chicken (5.6 USD). There was a single slice of garlic bread on the side. It didn’t look very appetizing, again because of the not so striking colors. I don’t know how it tasted.

Another ordered Crab Stuffed Fish Fillet (9 USD). It didn’t look so appetizing to me but I think it was good too. The fish fillet they thought was boiled somehow and it looked white and raw. There wasn’t much color in the dish. I’m still curious how the melted cheese went with the crab and fish.

Another ordered Barbecue Pork Spareribs (9.5 USD). The rib was again of an overwhelming size. It sure looked great. My eyes were drawn to it for the first few minutes. I think it tasted good too.

For dessert, we all had a taste of Warmed Choco Caramel Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (5.5 USD per small round cake). It was really good too! I noticed something different about the cake. It took me a second swallow to realize that indeed the cake was still warm. I agree that the choco caramel icing was a tad too sweet, but I liked it. One friend refused to eat the rest of the icing and ate the cake from within, which led to a cute deflated icing layer on the plate after she finally put down her fork. I and another friend shared a cake and it was a wise move. Our other friends had a hard time finishing theirs.


I’ve been converting the prices in PHPeso to USD at 40 PHP/USD.

In retrospect, I wonder now about the lack of a ready condiment container of parmesan. It would’ve added a great touch to the salad. Also, it’s a shame I wasn’t able to take pictures. All pictures I’m posting aren’t mine and just ones I googled (please notify me if you want them taken down). I don’t have pictures for all the dishes we ordered, but I hope this post and all these wondrous pictures their owners have put up in the net are enough to convince you to perhaps take a trip to Cravings if well, you’re craving something good.

Now I still feel stuffed–but very much satisfied. This second trip has made me decide I actually like Cravings. I’ll definitely want to visit again soon.


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