Rock on, Mister!


Roll, Kuya!

Just look at that.

Torrential rains have plagued Manila in the past hours. As I type, I hear the loud, relentless beating of the rain outside. When I was in my freshman year of college, I experienced a real storm for the first time–with lots of flooding, destroyed homes, and heart-wrenching stories. I lived in the southern part of the country where rains were spent before they turned into full-fledged calamities. Late last year though, Washi struck and flash floods killed unprepared and unsuspecting thousands as they slept in their homes. 😦

Anwyway, the rain this time has been unstopping and so far, a number of casualties have already happened and been identified. One man even got electrocuted while submerged in water. What you see in the picture above is a stroke of genius—using mattresses to rescue stranded people in flooded areas every time the rains stop for a respite. The Philippines is a third-world country but its economy has been particularly strong for the past year, a pace which is suspected to be sustained in the near future. Despite this, so many remain POOR. The first ones affected by flooding are those with small makeshift homes erected near rivers and bodies of water. And of course, when flash floods occur, these homes are carried away, potentially including the helpless family inside.

So it’s great to be creative and resourceful, to make do with what’s available. If you really want to help, even the lack of equipment should not stop you.

I pray for those affected by the floods. May they stay safe and that the more blessed and fortunate people may give a hand to help, in whatever way.

(Photo taken from Yahoo News)


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