I’m (You’re) an artist because…


I spotted an interesting book getaway from Christian Mihai‘s blog. He’s giving away ebooks of his own works but have asked interested participants to first answer a question to get a chance to win.

The question–or rather the statement to complete: “I’m an artist because…”

My answer:

I am an artist because I treat every day as a canvass on which to paint at will. Unintended splatters may color the surface but I can always do damage control, and just brush paint over the bad again to achieve the picture I had in mind. Or I could just let and use them and thereon let spontaneity take its course.

I’m an artist because I believe in living life and fully feeling every moment. But whatever happens, whatever forces may come at play, whatever inspiration may drive me; I’ll remember that it’s my arms that create art on the sheet.


Apply yourself, let your creativity flow.

That came out of nowhere, so artlessly–really as if I were an artist (as I’d like to think). But I guess we all are, in our own right. Something really can be said of spontaneity, methinks.

What about you? What makes you an artist? Delve deep into yourselves, and post your thoughts below. Or you can go visit Christian’s blog to have a chance to win yourself. Nonetheless, it’d be great if you could still link your answers back to this page so we all can hear it. =)

(Photo taken: robertadeiana.com)


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