Parce que la vie est grand.

That’s all the explanation there is.

Life is simply too great for us not to derive pleasure and happiness from it. We should try to make the best use of each and every waking moment.

This blog is part of that attempt, onmy part. I think I’ve mainly stuck only to my comfort zone and rarely go out save for legitimate, academic reasons. I think experience offers a whole new kind of learning and that is must be pursued. Being good in the classroom doesn’t translate to success or happiness, as I learned. Not that I’m the best student of course. But I’ve learned that staying in and cooping yourself up can be counterproductive and destructive to and make you turn to possibly destructive hobbies.

My problem has always been being addicted to ebooks. Obviously, reading is good, but too much reading–combined with reading the wrong books and materials–is as equally bad as not reading at all. I think I’ve read too much romance or any of those fluffy. fluffy stories that aren’t really contributing to my development.

Not going out can cause you to stagnate. So wish me well as I hope to try out new experiences and document them here. Wish me well as I try to learn new things I’ll feel worthy in putting up in this new blog of mine.

Prochaine fois!


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